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“Woods are lovely dark and deep;
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”.
                  -Robert Frost



The total built up area of the department 30*20 Sq. mt. with separate cabin for the head and members of the staff.English department of Shri Shiv Chhatrapati College of Arts, Commerce and Science is one of the renowned departments in the University of Pune. The members of the department have always been putting the heads together to transcend mediocrity to extraordinary. Functional English course at degree level is run by the department of English quite successfully since 15 years which enables students of the rural area to acquaint well with the four skills of English; listening, speaking, reading and writing. The students who get BA degree through this course can keep their foot on the port of education, business, law and Mass Media. They can face many challenges of the world in possible ways. Instead of knocking the doors for the jobs the students of Functional English are welcomed by the following opportunities.

What they can do is :

  1. Journalism:- One of the prestigious tasks.
  2. Editing :- Development of creative sensibility.
  3. Lecturers:- Leading force of nation.
  4. T.V. stars:- Who can speak to the world.
  5. IAS/IPS :- Work for society development.
  6. Navy/Military:- Protective forces of the nation.
  7. Air force
  8. Advertising:- Speak better, gain better.
  9. Law :- Words and strategies are the weapons of battle in the court.

We don’t treat students as an empty vessel of plastic material moulded according to the will and wish of the teachers. They are not allowed to sit in the classroom in a row as swarms of flies and listen to what the teachers speak and write what they dictate. We give them platform to open their lips boldly. They are the real pillars of the nation who can lead his country towards the path of scientific attitude and an honest soldier to sacrifice himself for the sake of his motherland. Keeping in view the global importance of the English.

 The department runs the following courses and activities.

  1. Special English at UG and PG Level.
  2. Functional English at UG Level.
  3. Spoken English classes.
  4. ‘Sat-chat’ (Group discussion, every week)
  5. Essay writing contest.
  6. Elocution contest.
  7. Story presentation contest.
  8. Inaugural function of English Literary Association every year.
  9. Lectures of an eminent scholars.
  10. Publication of ‘The collegian’.
  11. Student's participation in various contests in other colleges.



  • XII th pass for under graduation (F.Y.B.A entry level)
  • B.A / any graduate for (M.A. part I, entry level).


Program Selection Criteria Intake
F.Y - T.Y.B.A On the basis of Student’s eligilibility and interest As per Enrollment of the students
B.A functional On the basis of Student’s eligilibility and interest 60
As per allotment of the University 60
As per allotment of the University 60

English Literatures

R. K.Narayan
(Indian Writer)
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George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
(Irish Playwrite, Critic and Political activist )
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Nissim Ezekiel
Nissim Ezekiel
(Indian Writer)
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Khushwant Singh
Khushwant Singh
(Indian Journalist, Writer, Historian)
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