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"The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best."
  ~Paul Valéry, Tel Quel


Departmental Activities :-

Department had Organized following Conference/Quality improvement programmes:

  • XII the Conference of Marathi Manasshastra Parishad in November 1997.
    • About 250 Teachers, Students, Psychologists and Scholars from College, Universities, NGO’s in Maharashtra were participated delegates.
    • 25 Research Paper were presented and discussed in the conference.
    • Two sessions were organized on the topics of social problems
    • Two talks of experts were organized for the community at public place in the city.
  • The department has Psychology Association regularly organizing Expert’s Lectures, Field visits, Personality Development programmes, Counseling and Guidance to the students for their Psychological Assessment, Adjustment problems and carrier Choice etc.
  • Variety of articles are invited from the students for the wallpaper presentation.
  • Psychological Apparatus, Problem solving puzzles, Exhibition is organized in ‘Annual Mela’ at the time Social Gathering.
  • Cutting from Newspapers of recent Psychological Information are displaced on the Noticed Board.
  • For the sake of getting the experience of field work, the work of the data collection through Attitude scale and personality, Adjustment inventories to the students is assigned.

Objectives of the Department:

  • To give the knowledge to the students of basic concepts in psychology.
  • To make them aware of the importance of knowledge of psychology in all round Personality Development.
  • To make them aware of application of psychology in day to day life.
  • To Guide the student to apply Psychology in solving social problems.
  • To Guide the student to face various competitive Exam and life itself.
  • To train students how to be happy in life.
  • To make them aware of recent knowledge of Psychology through lectures of experts.
  • To develop various skills among students through organization of workshops, Conference, seminars etc.

Future Plan :

  • Starting of Autonomous Courses.
    • Personality Development.
    • Child and Family Welfare
  • Taking Research Project
  • Maintain the cumulative Record of Students about Psychological information.
  • To avail the psychological service to people.
  • To make linkage with NGO’s working on social problems.


Hans Eysenck
(British Psychologist)
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George Bernard Shaw
Abraham Maslow
(American Psychologist)
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Nissim Ezekiel
Alfred Adler
(Austrian Psychiatrist)
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Khushwant Singh
Carl Jung
(Analytical Psychologist)
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