The college was founded in 1970 under the intellectual and academic leadership of the famous economist Hon. Shri Govardhandas Parikh, the then Rector, Bombay University. The first Chairman, eminent Royist G.D. Parikh dreamt of bringing knowledge from Pune and Mumbai to a remote place such as Junnar to uplift the masses. In 1970 a peasant’s son, a tribal’s progeny from this area had no chance of higher education, despite its being a treasure of “brain”. The Junnar Taluka Shivner Shikshan Prasarak Mandal established then, had the only aim of leading the downtrodden, backward and tribal masses from darkness to light, from illiteracy to higher education. Chhatrapati Shivaji was chosen as the right symbol to inspire the people in this area. Junnar being the birthplace of Shivaji the Great, warrior that would inspire people to fight against the forces of darkness. New times, new type of fights! No swords, but pens and brains!

The dream of the first chairman was came into reality by his colleagues and successors. Sahakarmaharshi Late. Shivajirao alias Dadasaheb Kale (Ex-MLA) was the next chairman. He also dreamt of the progress of the masses through education. He was supported quite nobly by his colleagues like Late. Nivruttisheth Sherkar (Ex. MP), President, Hon. Adv. G.S. Rokade, Vice President Hon. Adv. Capt. V.B. Purvant, Secretary Hon. Dr. I.M. Mokashi, Secretary, Hon. Shri. S.D. Lunawat, Hon. Shri. N.A. Gandhi and others. They all believed in the mission of making this area a centre of learning, through this college. New Board of Trustees continues to carry out the promises of its predecessor.

“Awake, arise or be for ever fallen” is the suggestion of this institution to the tribal and other weaker section of the society. Granted that India is poor, this area is the best example of poverty. Mahatma Phule’s dictum “Ignorance leads to all harms” is appreciated by this institution. Hence the establishment, maintenance and prosperity of the college. Of course, it was all possible only because Hon. Shri. Ganpatrao Bodke donated 10 acres of land to this Institution.

Fortunately, like masters like Staff. The J. T. S. S. P. Mandal has been lucky in getting the members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) who are devoted to this mission. Sports, N.S.S. Camps, N.C.C. Camps, Annual social gathering, national and state level seminars, workshops (besides academic affairs) are the occasions exploited by the staff to inculcate on the minds of the students the mission of the college.

The College was conferred upon the prestigious award of “THE BEST COLLEGE IN RURAL AREA” in the University of Pune during academic year 2007-08. It was a great honour receiving this award as it was given on the basis of different positive activities under taken by college in the interest of rural students. Those activities played a vital and crucial role in shaping the personality of students constructively and positively. We feel proud of being the part and parcel of this college. The Admission process is transparent and open to all, irrespective of creed, sex and religion and follows the norms prescribed by the University of Pune and the State Government. Remedial courses are conducted for the weaker sections. All the students have the advantage of special care through personal counseling and the Advisory Scheme. Special care and access to knowledge is provided to the disadvantaged and disabled students. Teachers are recruited as per the rules laid down by the Pune University and state Govern. The teaching-learning process of the campus has been structured through conventional forms of lecture method, and evaluation as well as innovative forms of ICT – based learning. Teaching schedule and methods are planned well in advanced and emphasis is given to participative learning using computers, audio-visual aids and library resources. Every Department also tries to make Resource Persons of high repute available on the campus while organizing Seminars, Workshops and Extension lectures. All science departments have properly equipped laboratories for under-graduate and post graduate courses. Department of commerce has a computer laboratory installed in the year 2008.

With a keen eye on excellence the Managing Committee of the college, from the day of its formation, has been committed to promoting quality in Higher Education keeping a pace always ahead of the times facilitating the college with financial and infrastructural backup in making the transaction of the teaching-learning process effective and productive. All the innovative practices have been oriented towards attaining such a goal. The academic culture that the College has fostered and developed all through it spas possesses certain methods for self-appraisal and internal corrections.