Debate and Elocution

Debate and Elocution activity has been successfully running in the college. It is one of the most active extra co-curricular activities in the college. This works for the development of confidence and daring in stage speaking and interviews. It aims to reduce the stage fear and develop speaking skills in students. For achieving these aims, various competitions are organized every year.

Aims and Objectives

  • To improve the confidence and daring in stage speaking and interviews
  • To organize workshops on personality development
  • To add the most recent knowledge and trends in social, economic and political issue.


For achieving the aims, following competitions are organized every year in College.

  • ‘Raja Shivaji’ State Level Inter-College Elocution Competition
  • ‘Late Indirabai Joglekar’ Debate and Group Discussion Competition

Along with these competitions, number of students participate in different competitions organized by different colleges, Government and Non-Government bodies.


  1. Asst.Prof. Korade M. S. (Chairman)
  2. Asst.Prof. Wajge E. D. (Member)
  3. Asst.Prof. Khillare S. S. (Member)
  4. Dr. Mane B. M. (Member)
  5. Asst.Prof. Gawali S.B. (Member)
  6. Asst.Prof. Thorve S. S. (Member)
  7. Asst.Prof. Miss R. K. Purane (Member)