U.G.C Sponsored Travel & Tourism Course

Establishment Year: 2012-13

Sr.No Name of faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr.Waghmare M.B HOD, Associate Professor M.A, SET, PH.D
2 Mr. Wajage E. D. Asst.Professor M.A, SET.M.ed, SET
3 Mr.Jathar M.P Lecturer M.A,B.ed

Goals & Objectives

  1. Prepare student for self reliance and employment .
  2. Acquire skills of travel and Tourism.
  3. Develop interest in modern field of Tourism.
  4. Understand market conditions at various levels.
    • Travel managing
    • Hotelling
    • Travel agencies
    • Tourist guideship

Need & Assessment

  1. Travel agency.
  2. Travel management
  3. Tour operators and co-ordination
  4. Travel desks in hotels
  5. Guest reations department in resorts
  6. Licence Tourist Guides