Welcome to Department of Hindi

Basic Information Of Department

Establishment : -

The Department of Hindi has been working since 1970. Hindi is taught at under graduate level. The faculties working in the department are well qualified. Many Hindi textbooks and reference books are available in our college library for Students, researchers and readers . Department had organised a State level seminar in 2010. Hindi Day programme is organized every year by the department. Due to the Hindi teaching Students grow intellectually, poetry readings, humor and Sher-O- Shayari programmes are arranged. Many Competitions are conducted by the Department to make mental, moral and vocal development of Students and make them fearless in terms of morality .

Growth and Expansion

Due to the growing interest of students in Hindi, Special Subject for BA was in 2014-2015. Strength of students is increased year to year

The aims and objectives of Department:-

  1. To develop basic language skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and communication skills.
  2. To help increase the understanding of ancient, medical, modern Indian and western ideas about literature and to increase the ability of deep study of Hindi literature
  3. To increase the perception of thoughts and literary evaluation of the objectives of literature.
  4. To promote a healthy outlook and right type of attitude among the rural tribal’s youths for total transformation of rural and tribal.
  5. To create awareness among the students in the context of rural development poverty alleviation and programmers of social change.
  6. To acquire the necessary communication skills required for the day to day social interaction.
  7. To enhance the ability to understand language dealings related to language and literature.

Contributor's in Hindi

( Indian saint and composer)
Munshi Premchand
(Hindi-Urdu write)
Harivansh Rai Bachchan
(Hindi Poet)
(Indian Poet, Lyricist and Director)