Welcome to Department of Psychology

“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of things we know best.”
Paul valery, Tel Quel

About Department

Department of Psychology was started in 1970 at General and Special level in 1984-85. It is taught for the faculties of Arts and Science. For Faculty of Arts it is at general and special level,for Faculty of Science it is at general level.Compulsory medium of instruction is Marathi for both Arts and Science wings. For science students the subject is taught through English medium. At present Head of Department & Associate Professor D.N.Pagar and two Assistant professors have been working in the department. Dr. L.D.Deore worked as the former Head of the department.

Activities of the Department:

Lecture, Group Discussion, Class wise Seminar, Expert eminent guest lecture on current Psychology topic from other college as a resource person, General Knowledge guidance, tour were organizing under the joint auspices of Department of Psychology.

Students are given facility for Internet Based collection of learning materials. Students are concealed through the advisory \Scheme that caters to the academic and emotional needs of the students. Students are divided into small group and each group under the personal care of teacher, who closely watches the wards and maintains Constant contact with parents.

The aims and objectives of Department:

  • To give the Knowledge to the students of basic concepts in Psychology.
  • To make them aware of importance of Knowledge of Psychology in all round Personality Development.
  • To make them aware of application of Psychology in day to day life
  • To Guide the student to apply Psychology in solving Problems.
  • To Guide the student to face various competitive Exam and life itself.
  • To train students how to be happy in life.
  • To make them aware of recent Knowledge of Psychology through lectures of experts.
  • To develop various skills among students through organization of workshops, Conference, seminars etc.



  • XII th for under graduation (F.Y.B.A. / F.Y.B.Sc. entry level.)

Selection Process And Intake Capacity:

Program Selection Criteria Intake
F.Y.to T.Y. B.A On the basis of Student’s eligibility As per Enrollment of the students


Hans Eysenck
(British Psychologist)
Abraham Maslow
(American Psychologist)
Alfred Adler
(Austrian Psychiatrist)
Carl Jung
(Analytical Psychologist)