Welcome to Department of Botany

“Vriksha Valli Amha Soyare Vanachare”
Sant Tukaram

About the Department

The department is established in the year 1984. Since establishment, the department is actively engaged and participated in distributing the Plant based knowledge to the students from rural territory and acting as platform to educate, train the rural students and make them confident, to acquire an employment in the area of botany. Keeping the pace with changes and advancement, the department always organize various extra-curricular activities for students to impart and gain the knowledge in various disciplines of Botany such as Taxonomy, Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Plant diversity, Environmental awareness, Ecology, Structural Botany, Genetic Engineering, Plant Tissue culture, Industrial Botany, Applied Botany, etc.


  • To provide thorough knowledge about various plant groups from primitive to highly evolved.
  • To make the students aware of applications of different plants in various industries.
  • To highlight the potential of these studies to become an entrepreneur.
  • To equip the students with skills related to laboratory as well as field based studies.
  • To make the students aware about conservation and sustainable use of plants.
  • To establish foundation for further studies in basic and applied Botany.
  • To address the socio-economical challenges related to plant sciences.
  • To facilitate students for taking up and shaping a successful career in Botany.


All facilities required to impart the knowledge to the students are available at the department.

Laboratories : -

Sr. No. Description Area Capacity Facilities
1 Main Laboratory 836 sq. ft. 30 Students All necessary facilities
2 Tissue Culture Laboratory 477 sq. ft. 15 students Media preparation, Inoculation, Incubation
3 Secondary Laboratory 484 sq. ft. 20 students All necessary facilities
4 Varanda Laboratory 177 sq. ft. -- Hardening, Autoclaving, Plant storage, etc.

Equipment/ Instrument facilities : -

  • Plant tissue culture Laminar Air Flow (Microfilt), Autoclave, pH meter, Digital Balance, Magnetic stirrer, Water Distillation Unit,Refrigerator, Hot air Oven, Culture Racks, Micropipetes.
  • Electronic tools Digital Camera (Sony, Nikon), LCD Projector (Sony), Laptop (Compaq), Computer, Printer (HP), Slide Projector, Slide projector.
  • Practical tools Projection Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Compound Microscope, Dissecting Microscope, Herbarium cupboard, Specimen
  • Ecological tools Maximum-Minimum Thermometer, Dry-Wet bulb Thermometer, Hygrometer, Soil Thermometer.
  • Taxonomic tools Vasculum, Secature, Field Press, Field diary, Lens, herbarium sheet, herbarium cupboard, hoe.

Botanical Garden : -

Department has separate Botanical Garden just at the right side of college main building. Ex-situ conservation of plants of Botanical interest, horticultural plants, and important plants required for practical purpose are cultivated and maintained in the garden.

Departmental Library : -

The department has various text-books, reference books related to various disciplines of botany. Besides, E-library is also maintained at the department. Taxonomic Flora for identification and description of plants are available. The charts, preserved specimens and preserved plant specimens in the form of ‘Herbaria’ are maintained in the department.

Great Botanist's

Leonardo da Vinci
(Italian polymath)
John Bartram
(American Botanist)
Birbal Sahni
( Indian paleobotanist )
Ganapathi Thanikaimoni
(Indian palynology.)