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"The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics."

This college was established in 1970, with the inspiration of Dr. Parikh, who was founding Chairman of J.T.S.S.M.P Mandal. He was an Economist and Rector of Bombay University. So the Economics was opened with the Establishment of the college.

The Subject Economics is taught for both the faculties, Art's & Commerce. For Art's it is at Special and General level and for Commerce it is at general level But Compulsory Medium of instruction is Marathi for both Art’s and Commerce wings. For Commerce Students the Subject is taught through English Medium also. The first Principal of the /College Dr. Kamlakar Parchure belonged to this Department. At Present Associate Prof. Kabburi S,V. have been working as the Head of the Department of Economics and Assistant Prof. Kasbe S.N. and Assistant Prof. Sou. Kale S.H. also working in the Department.

One Day University Level Seminar (02 Feb, 2012), was organized by our Economics department the main theme of the Seminar was “Regional Inequality”.

Activities of the Department:

Lecture, Group Discussion, Class wise seminar, Expert eminent guest lecture on current topic from other College as a resource person, General Knowledge guidance, tour were organizing under the joint auspices of Department of Economics.

Students are given facility for internet based Collection of learning materials.

Students are councelled through the advisory Scheme that caters to the academic and emotional needs of the students. Students are divided into small group and each group under the personal care of teacher, who closely watches the wards and maintains Constant contact with parents.

The aims and objectives of Department

  • To acquaint the students with the literature in Economics, Nature and problems of Indian Economy.
  • To impart education in the fields like banking, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Trading, Pricing etc.
  • To Train the Students and enable them to accept the Challenges in the field of Industries, Service Sector and business.
  • To promote a healthy outlook and right type of attitude among the rural triable youths for total transformation of rural and triable community and to promote a spirit of development mindedness.
  • To create awareness among the students in the context of rural development Poverty alleviation and programmes of social change.
  • To inoculate on the minds of the students to importance of growth in income, saving, investment and capital formation.



  • XIIth for under graduation (F.Y.B.A/B.Com. entry level)


Selection Criteria

F.Y - T.Y.B.A/B.Com
On the basis of Student’s eligilibility
As per Enrollment of the students





George Bernard Shaw
Adam Smith
(Pioneer of Political Economics)
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Amartya Kumar Sen
(Indian Economist)
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Nissim Ezekiel
Eugen Ritter von Böhm-Bawerk
(Austrian Economist)
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Khushwant Singh
Paul Krugman
(International economics and microeconomics)