The Department of Examination established with the college establishment in the year 1970. The Examination Department is the backbone of the College. The Primary function of this department is to conduct the Examination and Evaluation Process of the stakeholders. There is sufficient number of Staff members to support the examination. This Department basically deals with various functions like Appointment of Paper-Setter, Examiner, Moderator, Proof Reading, and Assessment and such as others. The Department of Examinations is bound to follow the Rules and Regulations from laid by the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Government of Maharashtra and University Grants Commission.

The Functions of Examination Department:-

    1. Pre – Examinations Work
      1. To conduct the meeting of Examination Committee Member before the examination started.
      2. To Prepare a suitable time –table and examination schedule (As per Rules and Regulations) of SPPU and Maharashtra Universities Act- 2016.
      3. To Appointment as Paper Setters, Examiners, and Moderator and Internal Senior Supervisor, Vigilance Squad to conduct the smooth and simple examinations process.


    1. To avail the Examination related stationary.
  1. Actual Conduct of Examinations and Result
    1. Preparation of conducting smooth examination process.
    2. To make seating arrangement of student
    3. To start the examination within time schedule.
    4. To ensure the examination is conducted properly.
    5. To collect the answer sheets and reports of the examination from the junior supervisors.
    6. To deal with the unfair means as per rules and regulations of SPPU
  2. Post Examination Work
    1. To instruct the examiners about assessment.
    2. Preparation of post examination work.
    3. To dispatch the examination answer sheets to examiners.
    4. To ensure timely submission of evaluate answersheets .
    5. To receive the revaluation and verifications forms from the students.
    6. To declare the results of the examination in stipulated time.
    7. To make the arrangement for the verifications and revaluation of answer sheets.