“Mathematics is queen of the sciences and Number theory is the queen of Mathematics”

Carl Friedrich Gauss

About the department

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1984. Prof S.J. Lodha was the first Head of the Department. Initially it was started for F.Y. and S.Y. courses in mathematics and in June 2013 department was started for T.Y. B.Sc. Mathematics. The department takes all efforts to fulfill the goal of providing all the possible facilities to the students, which encourages them to strengthen their capacity of self preparation and motivate them for their higher studies.


  • To enable the students to cultivate a mathematical way of thinking.
  • To enhance the knowledge in other subject with mathematical thinking .
  • To enable the students to learn the basic structures of mathematics through unifying concepts and to motivate these structures through applications.
  • To produce research scholars who can provide the leadership in mathematics and its applications.