Dr.Chandrakant R. Mandlik


A) 1. Work At Abroad

  • Presented a research paper on Study of Culture With Reference to Indian English Fiction at TOKYO (JAPAN) on 29-30 Dec. 2015 Organized by International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)
  • Presented a research paper on Teaching of Cultural Values Through Cartoon Films at Colombo (SRI LANKA) on 2nd December 2016
  • Member of the Review Committee By Hong Kong for the International Journal Of Language, Literature, and Linguistics (IJLLL) ISSN: 2382- 6282
  • Presented a research paper on The Study of Environment and Human Life With Reference to English Literature at Bali(INDONESIA) 0n 18-19 June 2018
  • Research paper ‘TEACHING OF CULTURAL VALUES THROUGH THE CARTOON FILMS’ through the Cartoon films in GARI International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,Shrilanka.

A) 2. Research Papers Published in the l International Journal

Sr. No Title with Page No. Journal, ISSN No Year, Place
1 Translation Ek Kala’ (P. 69-71) Atmapratyeya.Vol.3 ISSN. No2229-5437 (April,2011) Nagpur.(Refereed International)
2 R. K. Narayan Malgudi Novelist (P. 14-18) Counter-View Vol. 2 Issue 2 ISSN 2277-775 X June 2013. APeer-Reviewed International
3 Use of English in Teaching and Learning Process with Reference to Rural Area (P.32-35) Sahitya Anand Vol. 1Issue6.ISSN.2320-5075 Sept. 2013.(Refereed International) Issue 6. ISSN. 2320-5075.Refereed Internation
4 Study of Literature with Reference to Human Rights (P.93-99 Academic Research ISSN2230-7796. Vol.102 (Oct- Nov.2015 Peer-Reviewed
5 Pedagogy of Poetry: With Reference to William Wordsworth’s Poem ‘The Daffodils’ (P. 94-96) IRJCMSS ISSN 2321-9831 Vol. I Issue-VII (January- June 2016).
6 Socio-cultural Implications in Teaching and Learning of Language and Literature (P.114-115) IJBMSS,Vol.3, ISSN:2249-7463 Issue 12(II) August, 2014
7 Role of Teacher in Quality Sustenance and Enhancement of the Students (P.09-12) Information and Research Trends. ISSN. 2320-2327. Vol.3 Feb. 2015 International Refereed
8 Education for Value is Education for Man English Language, Literature and Other Components.(P 110-113) Langlit.ISSN2349-5189IS Vol.2 Issue 3 110(February 2016) International Peer-Reviewed
9 Reflection of Dalit’s pathos in Indian English Literature (P.41-44) PURSUIT .ISSN 2394-2649.VOL. III Issue V (January-2016) International Peer-Reviewed
10 Woman Dignity: Study of Human Rights with Reference to Shashi Deshpande’s Novel (P 78-80) GOEIIRJ. I S S N 2278- 5639Vol. IV. International Peer-Reviewed
11 Patriacal society and Husband-wife relationship in Shobha De’s Second Thought (P. 10-13.) Impact Facts ISSN 2454-8332. Quartertly- Vol. 1 Issue III (Mar-June 2016) International Refereed
12 Pedagogy of culture and literature (P.259-283) Literatorsociety’ ISSN 2455-393X (May 2016) International Refereed
13 A Critical Study of the Poetic Devices in Kamala Das’s Poetry. (P.23-31) Academic Research ISSN 2230-7796. Vol.11. No.1 April-May. 2016 Peer-Reviewed
14 Proliferation Dalit Movement and Dalit Literature ( P.208-213) Langlit ISSN.No.2349-5189. Vol.3 May. 2016 International Peer-Reviewed
15 Indian Motherhood in Shashi Deshpande’s The Binding Vine’ Marginality: ISSN 2455-8850 May 2016. International Peer-Reviewed
16 Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar: A Staunch Social Reformer and Rebel’(P15-18) Impact Facts ISSN 2454-8332- August 2016 International Peer-Reviewed
17 Why to Teach Language through Literature (P.251-254) Langlit ISSN.No.2349-5189.Vol.3 August 2016 International Peer-Reviewed
18 Universal Fatherhood: Study of Cultural Deviation in R. K. Narayan’s Novel ‘The Vendor of Sweets’ Langlit ISSN.No.2349-5189.Vol.3 November 2016 International Peer-Reviewed
19 Reflection of Dalit Life in English Literature’. (P.326-330) Marathi Dalit Gramin Kadambari Tulana I S B N No. 978-81-924997-2-7. 26-27 July 2013 Junnar Reference Book
20 Cross Cultural Experiences in Bharati Mukharji’s Novel ‘wife’ (12-16) SJIF ISSN2319-4766 Vol.5 Issue 19 Dec. 2016
21 Domestic Violence in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel The Dark Holds No Terror (497-500) Langlit ISSN.No.2349-5189.Vol.3 Issue 4 .May 2017 International Peer-Reviewed
22 Three Widows in Indira Goswami’s Novel’ The Moth-Eaten Howdah of the Tusker The Context ISSN.2349-4948 Vol.1 1st July 2017 International Peer-Reviewed
23 Theme of Marriage in Manju Kapur’s Novel A Married Woman (P8-10) Impact Facts ISSN 2454-8332 Vol.2. Issue 3 March- June 2017 International Peer-Reviewed
24 Role of Translation in Multiculticultural Society (P.40-47) Academic Research ISSN 2230-7796 Vol.11. No.2 November. 2016 Peer-Reviewed
25 Study of Shashi Deshpande’s Novel “Roots and Shadows” From Feministic Perspectives (P. 109-113) Langlit ISSN.No.2349-5189.Vol.4 Issue 1 August 2017 International Peer-Reviewed
26 Reflection of Dalit Life in English Literature State Level ISBN-978-81-984997-2-7 2013
27 The Role of women in the development of Local Economy in the Rural Area International Peer-Reviewed ISSN-2349-5189 2017
28 The study of Woman to Woman Relationship in Shobha De’s Novel “Strange Obsession” Atharva Publication, Jalgaon ISSN – 2230-7796 2017
29 The Theme of Existential Freedom: A study of characters psychological transformation in Anita Desai’s Novel “Cry the Peacock-The Recent Trends in World Literature in English”.(Pages 228-238) Snehavardhan Publication, Pune ISBN-81-7265-378-X March 2017
30 The contribution of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar in the development of the Dalits in India Research Journey, Nashik ISSN No 2348-7143 August2017 Impact Fact.3.452 Peer reviewed
31 Critical Study of Pathetic Plight With Reference to A Woman Character May in Shobha De’s Second Thought Research Journey, Nashik ISSN No 2348-7143 August2017 Impact Fact.3.452 Peer reviewed.

B) Publication of Books -

Sr No. Name of the book Publication
1 12 English Poets Pratima Publications- ISBN 81-89568-03-25 June 2012, Pune.Kumod Publications.
2 R.K. Narayan’s Structural Design ISBN13-978-93-85027-24-6. Feb 2016 Jalgaon
3 R. K. Narayan’s Thematic Structure and World View Kumod Publications.ISBN13:978-93-85027-14-7 March 2016 Jalgaon
4 R. K. Narayan’s Art of Characterization Atharv Publications ISBN 978-93-84093-94-5 March 2016 Dhule

C) 1. Paper Presentation in International Conference

Sr no. Title of Paper Conf. Status
1 Malgudi: Narayan’s A Living Character’ Diversity in New Literature International Conference Dece.2010 Hyderabad
2 Socio-cultural Implications in Teaching and Learning of Language and Literature’ International Conference, 28 June 2014. Sangamner
3 Translation is an Art International Conference 27 March 2016 BramhaVally Nasik
4 Reflection of Dalit Pathos in Indian English Fiction’ International Conference13-14 March 2016 Dharangaon (Jalgaon)
5 Study of Culture With Indian English Fiction International Conference 29-30 Dec. 2016 Tokyo (JAPAN)
6 The Aspect of Women Empowerment in Various Fields at National and International Level. International Conference on 16.10.2016.Pune
7 Teaching of Cultural Values through the Cartoon Films. International Conference 2 Dec. 2016 Colombo SRI LANKA
8 Presented a research paper on The Study of Environment and Human Life With Reference to English Literature International Conference Bali(INDONESIA) 0n 21-22, May 2018

C) 2. Paper Presentation in National Conference

Sr No. Title with Page No. Journal, ISSN No Year, Place
1 Novels of R. K. Narayan’s and Dr. Anand Yadav; A Comparative Study. National Conference 29-30 Nov. 2010.Junnar National Conference 29-30 Nov. 2010. Junnar
2 Environment a Source of Writer’s Creativity: Analytical Study of Place in Literature National Conference 3-5 December 2012. Junnar.
3 Human Rights and Social Justice’ National Conference 21-22 February 2012.Junnar
4 ‘Research: Nature, Scope and Characteristics’ National Conference 26-27 Aug. 2013. Junnar
5 Teacher in Non-Verbal Communication’ National Conference 19-20-21., Sept. 2013.Pravaranagar
6 Research in Modern Times National Conference27 &28 September 2016 Nasik
7 The Recent Trends in World National Conference29th & 30 September 2016. Sinnar Literature for Research
8 The Theme of Existential Freedom National Conference23, 24 Sept. 2016 Vijapur.

D) 3. Invited speaker/ Resource person

Sr No. Title of Paper Conference Year, Place
1 Chairman of the Technical session invited speaker on ‘Tradition and Custom in R. K. Narayan’s Fiction’ Inter-national Conference, Pune. June, 2014.
2 Chairman and invited speaker The God of Small Things : The Novel of Society and Politics in Kerala National Conference On 16-17 Feb. 2016 Sangamer
3 Chairman and invited speaker on Use of the Tape Recorder in English Language Learning and Teaching National Conference On 4-5 February 2016 Parner
4 Study of Universal Motherhood in Indian Culture With Reference to R. K. Narayan’s Novel ‘The Bachelor of Arts’ National Conference on 9-10 December 2016 Aurangabad
5 Research in India Inter-national Conference Indonesia May21-22, 2018

E) Project

Sr No. Project Name University
1 Setting in R. K. Nararayan’s Novel: The Guide Pune University

F) Awards

Sr No. Name of Award Name of Agency, Place and Date
1 The Best N.S.S Programme Officer in Rural Pune District University of Pune 2007
2 “Vishesh Abhyasak Gaurav Puraskar” Anandochhav Charitable Trust, Ahemadnagar 1, Feb, 2015
3 Guest of Honor Arts, Com, & Sci. College, Parner
4 Adarsh Shikshak Puraskar Vikas Pratishthan Maharashtra Rajya Junnar