Department of Physical Education and Sports

Basic Information Of Department

Establishment: – 1970

Brief History

College was started in the year1970. Since then the Gymkhana Department has been making progress day by day. Slowly but steadily we studied the aptitude of students, and accordingly started various sports. Our college teams were good and outstanding in Pune District Zone of S.P.P University. Now our college has a Multi activities Indoor sports hall. Our college has have following outdoor and indoor sports activities.


  • To offer skillful and intelligent Performance.
  • To Acquire and develop skills, performing with increasing physical competence and confidence, in a range of physical activities and contexts
  • To learn how to select and apply skills, tactics, and compositional ideas to suit activities that needs different approaches and way of thinking.
  • To develop their ideas in a creative way through physical activities.
  • To set targets for themselves and compete against others, individually and as team members.
  • To understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others success.
  • To respond to a variety of challenges of physical contexts and environments.
  • To take initiative, lead activity and focus on improving aspects of their own performance.
  • To discover their won aptitudes and performance of exercise in their lives.
  • To develop positive attitudes to participate in physical activities.
  • To organize inter-collegiate, inter-groups and inter university tournaments and competitions in recognized games and sports.
  • To organize school games and school competitions encouraged by various classes and social groups.
  • To encourage coaching camps at district level.
  • To develop and look after play ground.
  • To arrange workshops, seminars and conferences related to sports and games.
  • To arrange prize distribution programs and admire the students and teams.
  • To try and get grants from the university and university grant commission.


College Director of Physical Education

Curriculum Vintage

Sports Facility

Sports Facilities for Outdoor Activities Sports Facilities for Indoor Activities
Athletics Table Tennis
Kabaddi Badminton
Handball Wrestling
Basketball Basketball
Korfball Fencing
Netball Chess
Volleyball Well equipped Gymnasium hall


Students Achievements

Particicapation in All India Inter University ,State and National
Year Name of The Studants Game Place
2011-12 Rajesh Doke Handball Rajastan Uni. Jaipur
2011-12 Trupti Landage Korfball MDU Rohatak
2011-12 Monika Shate Korfball MDU Rohatak
2011-12 Rajesh Doke Korfball MDU Rohatak
2011-12 Ashish Sahandege Korfball MDU Rohatak
2011-12 Trupti Landage Basketball Kirdamohosve
2011-12 Tamhane Reshma Korfball 15th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Rajashri Rokade Korfball 16th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Shardha Jagadale Korfball 17th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Trupti Landage Korfball 18th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Kajal Mahabare Korfball 19th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Rajashree Dhole Korfball 20th Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Rajesh Doke Korfball 21st Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Shivdarshan Khatri Korfball 22nd Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Giresh Waval Korfball 23rd Sinior State Kaiyan
2011-12 Atul Shingote Korfball 24th Sinior State Kaiyan
2012-13 Rajesh Doke Handball JNV Uni. Jodhpur
2012-13 Trupti Landage Korfball Jammu Uni. Jammu
2012-13 Monika Shate Korfball Jammu Uni. Jammu
2012-13 Rajesh Doke Korfball Jammu Uni. Jammu
2012-13 Gaurav Wardhekar Korfball Jammu Uni. Jammu
2012-13 Tejash Sharkar Netball State Rajgurunagar, Pune
2012-13 Monika Sharkar Netball State Rajgurunagar, Pune
2013-14 Gaurav Wardhekar Korfball MDU Rohatak
2013-14 Pardeshi Yesh Korfball MDU Rohatak
2013-14 Trupti Landage Korfball MDU Rohatak
2013-14 Monika Shate Korfball MDU Rohatak
2014-15 Nilesh Chavan Crosscountry MG Uni. Kottayam
2014-15 Prachi Ghagare Netball Annamalyai Uni. Kottayam
2014-15 Nilesh Chavan Athaletics State Cham. Mumbai
2015-16 Nilesh Chavan Crosscountry Mangalor University
2015-16 Nilesh Chavan 1500m. Run Kirdamohosve
2015-16 Prafull Sutar Korfball 27th National Nagapur
2015-16 Trupti Landage Korfball 27th National Nagapur
2015-16 Varsha Thorave Korfball 27th National Nagapur
2016-17 Ajay Kurhade Handball JRNR Uni.Udaypur
2016-17 Varsha Thorave Handball IIS Uni. Jaipur
2016-17 Monika Sharkar Korfball Tamilnaydu Uni. Channai
2017-18 Akshada Salunkhe Taykondo Kolambo, Shrilanka


Tournaments Conduct In Our College

SR. NO. Year Intercollegiate Tournaments Inter Zonal Tournaments Shivjayanti Cross-country
1 2011-12 Korfball &nbps; 18 Feb 2012
2 2012-13 Basketball Women Korfball 18 Feb 2012
3 2013-14 Handball Men Handball Men 18 Feb 2012
4 2014-15 &nbps; &nbps; 18 Feb 2012
5 2015-16 &nbps; Handball Men 18 Feb 2012
6 2016-17 &nbps; Handball Women &nbps;
7 2017-18 &nbps; Handball Women &nbps;

Future plan

To develop Indoor Kabaddi (Mat) Ground.