Department of Vivekvahini

This Department was established in 2011, with the inspiration of Dr. Narendra Dhabholkar , who was founding Chairman of Vivekvahini Department . He was a Great Social Movement Worker of Eradication of Superstition in Maharashtra . So The Vivekvahini Department was opened with the Establishment of the college by Great literature Rajan Khan in 2011.

Activities of the Department

  1. A rally had arranged by the department of Vivekvahini to aware society about drug addiction, smoking, etc.
  2. Personality development program was arrange by the department of Vivekvahini for students to develop Positive Attitude, Acceptance of Changes, Mission & Goals, Communication Skills, Time Management, Stress Control, Leadership Qualities etc
  3. Organize various guest lectures about eradication of superstitions

The aims and objectives of Department :-

  • To develop scientific attitude.
  • Secularism constitutional meaning thinking and behavior.
  • Awareness about addiction and remedies to get rid of it.
  • Develop communication skills such as Decision making, Problem solving, Creativity communication.
  • To create a good human being.

Committee :-

Prin. Dr. C.R.Mandlik
Prof. S.N. Kasbe
Prof. S.B.Gawali
Prof. J.Y.Shaikh
Prof. S.N.Bhagat